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BERNARD Engineers is a multinational engineering company within the BERNARD Group offering planning, consultancy and engineering services in the markets of Industry, Energy, Infrastructure and Transport. From project conception to completion, our aim is to achieve sustainable solutions.
Employees with diverse specialised professional training in project-related assignments are based in a variety of locations. Project groups contain both experienced and Young employees to promote competent, dynamic and solution-orientated teams. Through many years of experience, we have found that this approach generates innovative Solutions whilst ensuring the transfer of technical knowledge to our next generation of engineers. We actively promote further education and training of our employees, consequently improving our knowledge and optimising our market position.

QMS certified by ISO 9001 since 1995.
Registered Centre for Occupational Health and Safety since 2000.



Bernard receives award - State competition “Most Family-Friendly Enterprise 2015”

In the framework of the Tyrolean State Competition “Most Family-friendly Enterprise 2015” BERNARD Ingenieure was given a recognition award. The Federal State of Tyrol honored the company for its particular commitment as a model...[more]

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Energy for the Caucasus - Georgia focusses on hydropower

The Caucasian Republic of Georgia not only produces excellent wines, it is also characterized by high mountains and numerous rivers and valleys. As a result, the Georgian government has decided to invest in the expansion of...[more]

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Interdisciplinary design competition for "Schwedlerbrücke" in Frankfurt, Germany

In an internationally announced competition the bidding consortium BERNARD Ingenieure ZT GmbH and the French architectural firm Exploration Architecture prevailed against strong and prominent contenders and were awarded third...[more]

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Water for the desert - Dam project in the Middle East

Removal of surface for the retaining structure

Already in 2008, the Joint Venture of Stucky Ltd. and BERNARD Ingenieure, in association with the Jordanian design firm Consolidated Consultants, started the design of the Ibn Hammad Dam in Jordan. With Dr. Bernd Imre, who is...[more]

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Professional Qualification

Martin Kraft-Fish passed the Institution of Civil Engineer’s (ICE) Professional Review, becoming a Member of the ICE, and received his Certificate in a Ceremony at ICE, Westminster in February 2016. He may now use the designation...[more]

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