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The Company

BERNARD Engineers is a multinational engineering company within the BERNARD Group offering planning, consultancy and engineering services in the markets of Industry, Energy, Infrastructure and Transport. From project conception to completion, our aim is to achieve sustainable solutions.
Employees with diverse specialised professional training in project-related assignments are based in a variety of locations. Project groups contain both experienced and Young employees to promote competent, dynamic and solution-orientated teams. Through many years of experience, we have found that this approach generates innovative Solutions whilst ensuring the transfer of technical knowledge to our next generation of engineers. We actively promote further education and training of our employees, consequently improving our knowledge and optimising our market position.

QMS certified by ISO 9001 since 1995.
Registered Centre for Occupational Health and Safety since 2000.




Der neue Bahnhof Lustenau

In enger Zusammenarbeit zwischen ÖBB, Marktgemeinde Lustenau und dem Land Vorarlberg wird der Bahnhof Lustenau in den kommenden Jahren zu einer modernen Verkehrsstation umgebaut. Ziel des Bauvorhabens ist der nahverkehrsgerechte...[more]

Siegerprojekt Voestbrücke

neue Voestbrücke in Linz

BERNARD Ingenieure gewinnt Gestaltungswettbewerb[more]