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Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang HolzerHead of Hydropower Department

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Dipl.-Ing. Jost H. MazurHead of Hydropower Department

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The BERNARD Group has been involved in designing new hydropower plants of all types and sizes, as well as the renewal and rehabilitation of existing plants for over 30 years. By observing the specific requirements of each project site, which depend on the hydrological, topographical and geotechnical conditions, our engineers develop optimal and customized solutions.

The framework conditions and requirements for hydropower utilization in general have changed significantly in the past few decades. Sustainable ecological, economic as well as political criteria must be incorporated in an optimized design. Designing hydropower plants in sensitive locations, or rehabilitating and revitalizing existing plants are major challenges for planners.

With our teams of specialists from a wide range of engineering disciplines, we offer in-depth, practical and innovative solutions for all kinds of plants.

Further Information

Hydropower Plants

Our range of services comprises all kinds of plants, including hydraulic steelwork and the mechanical and electrical equipment

  • Low-head Hydropower Plants
  • Medium-head Hydropower Plants
  • High-head Hydropower Plants
  • Run-of-the-river Power Plants
  • Diversion Power Plants
  • Storage Power Plants
  • Pumped Storage Power Plants

Our diverse team consisting of civil engineers, tunnel engineering experts and geologists plans underground adits and caverns for all service phases for new structures (Geotechnical and Tunnel Engineering Department) Our services also include solutions for rehabilitating adits and tunnels.

Hydraulic steel structures are integral parts in the construction of hydropower plants. The service life of hydraulic steel equipment depends greatly on their exposure and the loads. The service life of hydraulic steel constructions depends greatly on their exposure and the load. Regular inspections are required in order to maintain a functional plant by means of timely rehabilitation measures.

Our interdisciplinary team of engineers also designs the electromechanical and electrical equipment. Together with electrical engineering experts, we facilitate the feed of energy into high-voltage grids.

The expansion of existing run-of-the-river power plants or the construction of new power plants necessitates the construction of appropriate fish ladders. This allows fish and other macrobenthos to migrate freely within the river. Designing near-natural fish ladders, taking into account ecological and hydraulic requirements, is also part of our service spectrum.

We design and upgrade both the civil structures, including rehabilitation of concrete, as well as the hydraulic steel structures. We also have many years of experience in adit rehabilitation.