Contact for Austria

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang HolzerHead of Hydraulic Engineering Department

Contact for Germany

Dipl.-Ing. Jost H. MazurHead of Hydraulic Engineering Department

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Hydraulic Engineering

For more than thirty years, the BERNARD Group has been active in flood protection and river engineering. Our strength is our ability to see the task in its entirety, by taking into account the requirements of flood protection, hydraulic engineering, and water ecology.

Normally, river construction measures are highly complex interventions, as not only technical requirements such as flood protection need to be considered, but also ecological, sociopolitical and juridical issues.

Further Information

Flood Protection
Flood protection is of particular importance when adapting to global climate change. Numerical flow simulations allow precise statements to be made on the effects of any events that occur. Very often, the main emphasis is not only on technical measures, but also on promoting the willingness of the stakeholders concerned to engage in dialogue, as well as considering water ecology issues.

When trying to find optimum solutions in affected settlement areas, the focus for problem solving is not in the developed area itself. Larger stretches of water must also be taken into account.

Our services also include tendering, assessment and supervision of model tests.