Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang HolzerHead of Pipeline and Plant Engineering and Construction Department

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Pipeline and Pipeline and Plant Construction

Transporting fuels as well as water and sewage in pipelines will become increasingly important in future – both within and outside of Europe.

Since 1992, the Pipeline Engineering Department, with working groups in Hall, Vienna, Graz and Munich, has been involved in the dimensioning, design and implemention for pipelines and the corresponding operating facilities. Based on the experience and strong technical background of our employees, we can develop and implement tailored solutions together with our clients.

Further Information

Dimensioning, Route Study
Our services include dimensioning the pipeline system with all
corresponding operating facilities, investigations for pipeline routes and determining the rough route, which must meet the requirements for the construction, operation, maintenance and safety of the pipeline and the system components. The following parameters are taken into consideration when selecting the route:

  • Technical feasibility of the route selection
  • Optimal line routing
  • Consideration of protected areas (e.g. nature, water, forests)
  • Joint routing with existing infrastructure