Dipl.-Ing. Lukas PraxmarerHead of Structural Engineering Department

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Structural engineering

The Structural Engineering department incorporates all engineering services that require structural engineering expertise in all areas of civil engineering and much more. Our work revolves around an understanding of the interdisciplinary cooperation needed to meet the different multidisciplinary challenges, together with a high level of expertise. This expertise includes all static and dynamic analyses in bridge design and structural engineering for heavy construction, for buildings and for commercial complexes, in steel construction and steel composite construction, in reinforced and prestressed concrete construction, in timber and glass construction and 2D and 3D design.

Further information

Service spectrum - Project phases

We support your project from the initial idea, through all planning phases, right up to the implementation with our engineering services, as well as during the entire use period.

  • Feasibility study
  • Conceptual design
  • General design
  • Permit application design
  • Tender design
  • Cost estimates
  • Bid evaluation
  • Execution design
  • Workshop drawings for steel construction

Areas of expertise / Projects

The engineering services we offer in field of structural engineering is characterized by a variety of different specializations because structural analyses and design solutions are required in all areas of the construction industry.
Bridge design
Bridge design plays an important role in our company due to its complexity. Our work for connective civil engineering structures that must fulfil clear functional tasks always involves a high standard of economic efficiency, durability and safety. Implementing this in a timeless and interesting form, determined by the supporting structure, is always both a challenge and motivation for our bridge engineers.

The wide variety of uses (pedestrians, cyclists, road traffic, railways, cables), combined with the geometrical and geological conditions determine the choice of the most suitable materials and constructions. In this optimization process, comparative studies are often performed, which require the consideration of the entire life cycle of the respective structure, especially for economic viability studies.

  • Material
    • Steel bridges
    • Composite steel bridges
    • Reinforced concrete bridges
    • Prestressed concrete bridges
    • Timber bridges
  • Construction / design types
    • Beam bridges
    • Frame bridges
    • Integral bridges
    • Arch bridges
    • Cable-stayed bridges
    • Trusses